Bee Capital Invitation 100% Rebate Campaign

Dear BEECapital partners and users, Greetings, impressed by the continuous support and long-term commitment of BEE community, BEECapital is thrilled to roll out the "Invitation 100% Rebate Campaign", the details of the campaign are as follows.

Campaign Period:

  • July 12 00:00:00 - July 18 00:00:00 (UTC +4)

Campaign Rules:

  • During the campaign period, after inviting new addresses and successfully binding the invitation relationship, the commission generated by trading BEE from the new address will be 100% rebated to the parent address.
  • 100% rebate is only limited to the transaction fees generated by the new address bound to a successful invitation relationship during the campaign period.

Campaign Reward:

  • 100% rebate of transaction fees generated by trading BEE to the parent address for new addresses bound to the invitation relationship during the campaign period (no upper limit).
  • During the campaign period, the inviter address with the highest cumulative trading volume of successfully invited friends will be rewarded with 1,000 BEE tokens.


  • Only the inviter of an address that has a new bound invitation relationship during the campaign period will receive a 100% rebate bonus on the invitation.
  • Addresses that had transactions before the invitation relationship was established will not participate in the "100% Invitation Rebate Campaign".
  • Invitation is only considered successful when the invitation relationship is successfully bound through the personal invitation link, get the personal invitation link >>>;
  • Invite friends process can be found in "How to invite friends to get 15% trading commission rebate".
  • During the campaign period, if inviter and invitee turn out to be the same operator, once found both will be disqualified from the campaign.
  • If the invitee address obtained the right to mint Hash Bee during the campaign period, the inviter will then only receive 30% commission rebate for the address.
  • The final right of explanation is reserved for BEECapital.
Thank you for your support of the BEECapital! Let's explore together in the primary market!
Bee Capital Team
July 11, 2022