How to navigate BEECapital APP

Welcome to the crypto world, BEECapital APP(Bee Wallet) is a digital asset wallet that beginners can master in a minute. Below, we will introduce you the features and usage of BEECapital APP(Bee Wallet).

Create and import wallets

Creating a wallet

Creating a wallet is relatively simple, you can hop on it quickly even for first-time wallet users; if you have already created a wallet before and do not need to add new addresses, you can skip directly to the next step [Import Wallet].

Steps to create a wallet.

Step 1:

Open the BEECapital APP (Bee Wallet) ->

Click [Create New Wallet] ->

Read through the essential information you need to pay attention to while using the wallet ->

Check the tips in the lower left corner and click Continue.

Step 2:

Click on [Backup Keyword] to set the transaction password ->

Then follow the recorded recovery phrase to cross-reference and then enter ->

After recovery phrase verification is completed, click [Continue] to set the wallet name and avatar ->

If you have a NFT, you can choose to use NFT as the avatar ->

Click [Continue] again to complete the creation of the wallet.

Please take good care of the recovery phrases, we suggest using a paper notebook to copy them down and store them well; BEECapital will not save your recovery phrases on the server, your asset will not be recovered once the phrases got lost and BEECapital will not be able to help you retrieve your wallet.

Note: If you make a mistake when verifying a phrase, just click on the wrong one again and reselect the correct one.

Importing a wallet

Please do not copy the wallet private key or the recovery phrases directly to the clipboard to prevent it from being leaked, we suggest you to copy them offline directly and enter them manually.

The following are the specific steps on how:

Open BEECapital APP (Bee Wallet) ->

Select [Import an existing wallet] and choose [Recover with recovery phrases] or [Recover with private key] ->

Enter [existing recovery phrasess or private key] ->

Set the wallet name and avatar to import successfully.

Adding tokens and deleting tokens

Adding tokens

Open BEECapital APP (Bee Wallet), and click the [Add] icon on the wallet homepage ->

After inputting [Token Contract], it will automatically get the token name and token accuracy -> Click [Import Token] to complete the process.

Note: For tokens imported by history, you can click the history shortcut in the upper right corner when importing tokens from other wallets.

Deleting tokens

Click on the tokens you want to delete on the wallet homepage ->

Click Delete to hide them from the home page (deleting tokens will not affect your actual assets, they will just not be displayed on the home page)

Receive and Transfer

Receive funds

Open BEECapital APP (Bee Wallet), click [Receive] on the homepage ->

Copy the address or save the QR code to receive funds ->

The receipt address is the same for all coins on the BSC chain.

Transfer funds

After successfully adding coins, open BEECapital APP (Bee Wallet) ->

Click [Send] on the first page, select the coin or NFT you want to transfer->

Fill in [Receive Address] [Transfer Quantity] and click [OK] ->

Confirm the address is correct and click [Transfer].

Note: The transfer needs to be confirmed therefore the success of the transfer is most valid according to the blockchain browser.

Contract Audit - Identify Risks

Contract audit can provide BEE users with fast and reliable risk identification ->

On the [Discovery] page of BEECapital APP (Bee Wallet), click [Audit Contract] ->

Enter the address of the token contract you want to detect and click [Check] ->

You can view the [Risk Assessment Score] of the token, [Basic Information], [Risk Analysis], [Pool Size] and [Token Holder] information of the token.


BEECapital APP (BEE Wallet) contains the mainstream DApps currently available in the market, which is convenient for BEE users to use quickly and play the cryptocurrency market.

On the [Discover] page of BEECapital APP(Bee Wallet), click on the included APPs to directly open.

  • [NFT Market]: BEE Capital's NFT trading market, where you can trade in real time to get the BEE NFT you want

  • [PancakeSwap]: The most used decentralized trading platform on BSC chain, AMM's token exchange + revenue aggregation

  • []: is a decentralized on-chain data platform that provides users with token K-line data, floor price eFi, GameFi, Web3.0, metaverse and other statistics for each segment

  • [DEXTools]: DEXTools provides the most complete set of trading tools for decentralized exchange (DEX) users

  • [DiTing]: DiTing is a professional on-chain big data monitoring tool

Portfolio-Return Analysis

The unique [Portfolio] page of BEECapital APP (BEE Wallet) not only allows you to view the asset distribution of your current wallet, but also the profit and loss of your account after creating a wallet or importing a wallet.

You can also select weekly, monthly and yearly dimensions to view the yield curve of your current wallet.

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