BEECapital Wallet Public Testing Campaign Benefits are coming!

Dear BEECapital partners and users,

Greetings, thank you very much for your continuous support, BEECapital wallet will officially start the public testing period on July 29th, during which multiple limited NFT and BEE tokens are waiting for YOU to grab!

Public Testing Period: July 29th 12:00 - August 12th 12:00 (UTC+4)

Campaign 1: Invitation rebate rewards doubled!

During the testing period, invite your friends and bind the invitation relationship, the rebate ration of the commission generated by the new address trading BEE now doubled from 15% to a whooping 30%! The additional 15% rebate will be issued at the end of the testing period.

Campaign 2: Trade BEE to get limited NFT!

During the testing period, each single address having net buy (buy-sell) ≥ 1,000 BEE can get 1 and max 1 BEE Genesis NFT Minting qualification.

Campaign 3: APP experience officer submitting bugs to get rewards!

During the testing period, users who report bugs or submit optimisation suggestions and if these bugs do exist and the suggestions are deemed effective, you can get 1 BEE Genesis NFT which will be airdropped to the user account after the end of the period(If the same bug is reported, than earliest user would get this reward.).

BEECapital APP BUG feedback:

BEE Genesis NFT does not overlap with Queen Bee NFT, Knight Bee NFT, Hash Bee NFT, Lucky Bee NFT and Bumblebee NFT. Currently, it can be used for the avatar of BEECapital APP (Little Bee Wallet). Follow-up rights are being improved, so stay tuned.

BEECapital wallet subsequent iteration plan.

BEECapital wallet V1.0.0 version is only the basic version, the subsequent version will introduce more features to all users, access to more reliable project information and investment opportunities, better nuggets of primary market, detailed iteration plan details are as follows.

  1. BEECapital LaunchPads (to empower project and provide a pre-sale platform for start-up projects).

  2. BEECalendar (providing IDO information across the network).

  3. Automatic token risk warnings.

  4. Watch wallet.

  5. WEB3 Exposure Desk (exposing and flagging crypto scam projects).

  6. WEB3 Club (access to information or interests, for KOL or consensus groups).

  7. The BSC Chain NFT aggregation marketplace.

  8. DEX aggregated K-lines and transactions.


BEECapital APP would be open to download on July 29th 12:00 (UTC+4) on the official website.

Website Link:

Thank you for your support of BEECapital! Let's dig into the primary market together!

BEECapital Team

July 28th, 2022

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