Invitation Rebate Benefits Beta Version Released

Now more users can enjoy the benefits along the BEECapital ecosystem development journey! 15% of the $BEE transaction fee will be contributed to the Invitation Rebate Program. All users can invite their friends to join BEECapital and earn commission rebates together! Get exclusive invitation link>>>

Invitation conditions:

  1. All BEECapital users are eligible to invite their friends through their personal invitation link.

  2. Both BEECapital existing and new users can become invitees, users who have already traded in the platform can also be bound to the invitation relationship.

BEECapital invitation commission rules:

Users can get a personal invitation link on the invitation commission page, and after successfully inviting friends by sharing the link, as long as the invitee trades $BEE in PancakeSwap and generates real transaction fees, the platform will reward part of the commission back to the referrer, the total amount of the reward = the transaction fee * invitee commission ratio.

The rebate percentage is 15%.

The transaction commission = the volume of the $BEE transaction * $BEE transaction commission rate (1%)


A invites B to join BEECapital and A's rebate percentage is 15%.

B completes a trade and the volume of that trade is 10,000 $BEE, then A receives a rebate bonus = 10,000 * 1% * 15% = 15 $BEE

Source of rebate funds:

The source of rebate reward is the part of the commission generated by trading $BEE, for details please refer to: "Announcement on the adjustment of the $BEE trading commission allocation scheme".

Note: we will publish the strategy in dealing with the invitation rebates not allocated to any referrer account. This part would most likely be burned.

Other details:

  1. Invitation relationship, referee trading volume statistics, and transaction commission rebate data are currently already been tracked.

  2. Rebate amount data, withdraw-able commission withdrawals, withdrawal details are expected to be online on June 5th.

  3. Amount of rebates are calculated using real-time statistics, commissions need to be withdrawn manually by users. Withdraw commission>>>

  4. Invitation Rebate Program is at its beta version, we welcome all constructive feedbacks! Join our telegram group!

  5. The final right to explain the invitation commission campaign is reserved for BEECapital.

Thank you for your support of the BEECapital! Let's explore the primary market together!

BEECapital Team

June 1, 2022

Last updated