How to participate in BEECapital Launchpad

How to participate in the BEECapital Launchpad :

1. View all pre-sales at the following link:

You can check the pre-sale type and pre-sale status on this page.

2. Click [Participate in Presale] on an item on the pre-sale page, you can see all the information related to that pre-sale item, please check all the contents carefully before purchasing the pre-sale.

3. To purchase a presale, you need to link your wallet and click on the maximum number of copies you can purchase to display the amount of USDT you need, click on the purchase and complete the payment to successfully purchase the presale.

4. After the pre-sale is over, on the pre-sale page, collect the tokens purchased during the pre-sale, click the [Withdraw] button, after the withdrawal is successful, the withdrawal button will be grayed out to withdrawn, then you can import the token contract address in your wallet to check the received tokens.

5. If the pre-sale type is [whitelist pre-sale], only specific users can buy it. Users without whitelist cannot participate in the pre-sale, but they can buy it after the project tokens are opened for trading.

6. You can view the item's [Pre-sale price], [Number of participating pre-sale users], and [Number of my purchases] in the pre-sale details page, as shown below.

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