How to invite friends to get 15% rebate on trading fees

1. Enter the Bee Capital website and click "Inviter" on the left side to enter the Invite Commission interface. All Bee Capital users are eligible to be invited and or be bounded to an invitation relationship, including those who have already traded on the platform.

2. There are referral links and referral codes on the Invite Commission page that can be copied directly by clicking on them, users enjoy a 15% commission rebate.

3. Upon invitee clicking on the invitation link, the invitation confirmation page will appear (has been automatically filled with the invitation code), click [I'm pretty sure he's my inviter] to determine the invitation relationship on the chain.

4. If you bind by invitation code, you can guide your friends to click "Add referral" on the invitation page of Bee Capital, enter and paste the invitation code manually on the pop-up invitation binding page, and then click [I'm pretty sure he's my inviter] to confirm the invitation relationship on the chain.

5. After the successful binding of the invitation relationship, your friend can get a 15% rebate on the transaction fee after trading BEE/USDT pairs in PancakeSwap and generating real transaction fees, if you want to withdraw the rebate, click "Extract" on the invitation page, and then you can withdraw it to your wallet account after confirming on chain.

6. If you want to check the details of invited friends and commission, you can check the [wallet address], [binding invitation relationship time], [transaction amount], [invitation commission amount details] and [commission amount withdrawal record] of invited friends at the bottom of the invitation page.

Other notices:

1. Invitation Rebate Commission Calculation formula:

The current invitation commission function is at its beta version, because when trading BEE/USDT, 1% transaction fee will directly enter the commission account, the actual commission amount statistics for: the actual transaction BEE amount * 99% * 1% (commission rate) * 15% (commission ratio)

For example, if you invite your friends to buy 100BEE, the actual amount of commission = 100 * 99% * 1% * 15% = 0.1485BEE

2. About withdrawable commission amount

To ensure that all BEE users can withdraw commission amount in a timely manner, the system will count every 5 minutes the trading volume of invited friends and calculate the amount to be received by the inviter.

If the actual commission amount is generated at the time of counting, then the actual unclaimed commission amount will be counted again only after the standing part of existing commission is withdrawn (the real commission available to the user won't be affected).

3. Why has the invitee traded but did not generate the rebate amount?

Because only the official BEE/USDT transaction can charge 1% transaction fee, if the transaction passes through other LP pool, then the transaction won't generate the real commission contribution, so there may be certain small transaction not generating commission amount. The following chart shows the situation (BEE converted to BUSD and then converted to USDT).

You can guide your invitee to set up the PancakeSwap to disable multiple hops (restrict swaps to direct pairs only) to avoid transactions that do not generate commission amounts, as shown below.

We will also continue to optimize the above process and offer Bee Capital users better experiences, thank you for your support to BEECapital!

Bee Capital Team

June 5, 2022

Last updated